An effective system for managing goods, inventories, and acquired materials is required for an organisation to reliably deliver completed items on time. SAP Material Management (MM) tracks all aspects of material procurement for corporate companies, from purchase to sale. Millions of companies throughout the world utilise this to properly manage production components. It is the most extensively used ERP system in the business as it enables management to carry out procurement processes in the firm efficiently.

Why learn SAP MM?

  • With rapid expansion, the current job market has a 36 percent share.
  • Average income is higher than the national average for Business Analysts.
  • Top brands like TATA Motors, Reliance Industries, and others use this management tools.
  • Better Job Security with Unparalleled Growth Possibilities
  • It is helpful for businesses to control inventory and save money.

Enbridg will show you how to get started with SAP Material Management with our professional course. This Course will be suitable for:

  • Material Handling, Purchase, Inventory, and Vendor Management professionals will benefit from this programme.
  • Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a Master’s degree in management or supply chain management
  • Professionals that desire to expand their skill set in order to strengthen their resume or CV.
  • Employees who are looking for a better job might use this certification to demonstrate to their employers the value of their talents.
  • Graduates on the Lookout for a Good Job

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